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For a free consultation, with one of our dedicated nursing staff, to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please call us today- 832-820-9113.

Home Care Services


How Can We Help?

Home Health is helpful to patients who have:


• A need for IV Therapy or injectables

• Wound or Ostomy care

• Catheter care

• Cardiac & Pulmonary monitoring needs

• A need for teaching of diagnosis and medication management

• A need for pain management

• A need for Rehabilitation via. Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy​​

• A need for Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

• A need for Parkinson's Care

To qualify for home health benefits, the patient must be “homebound;” however this does not mean that the patient cannot leave his/her home at all. If in doubt, contact our specially trained staff to discuss homebound specifics by calling 832-820-9113.


Telemedicine - The Future of Home Care

A recent health care conference (U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow) made it known that telemedicine should not be viewed as a supplement to modern medicine, but as an integral and necessary part of the system. Telemedicine options can equal less stress for providers, patients and their families.


Telemedicine benefits:

1. Telemedicine promises improved access to patients all over the world — potentially millions of previously unreachable patients who need care.

2. It’s linked with increased efficiency and lowered costs because of decreased travel time, shared staffing, shorter hospital stays and improved chronic disease management.

3. Telemedicine enhances care quality, resulting in life-saving diagnoses and treatments.

4. Improved patient satisfaction can be a result of offering telemedicine as consumers have come to demand it.


Physician Collaboration for the Best Plan of Care for You

Healthcare partnerships are a proven path to better care and healthier communities, that is why Chrysalis Home Healthcare partners with your physician & physician groups to collaborate and adopt the best care plan for your health.  Whether it's diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, COPD, or other chronic illness, we will work directly with the physician to bring the proper care to you, in your home.  Call us TODAY to discuss a plan of care for you!  832-820-9113

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